Sunday, August 8, 2010

Revealing Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to your lover is one of those sexual behaviors people are uncomfortable with the first time they do it. You have to relax and understand that anything new is always awkward. To do it well means letting loose and exposing yourself, which always feels scary the first time.
Men love it when they know their lover is satisfied and we need to let him know what feels good.

It's always easy to describe to your lover what is happening during sex. Whisper in his ear how hot he makes you feel when his hand is playing with your _________or you can’t wait to feel his hard______inside your_______. Let him know when you are getting ready to have an orgasm and then whisper your erotic thoughts in his ear. This will have him thinking of you and craving more of you.

I myself was raised not use foul language…but now that I am grown; I understand that dirty bedroom talk needs to be raunchy. You lover doesn't want to hear the clinical term for his (or yours) private parts when talking dirty, the nastier the better! Practice, practice, practice...your man will enjoy the raunchy you!

For you I long, I lust, I desire
You quench my thirst and release my fire
For you I touch, I taste, I breathe
You satisfy my hunger and fill my need.