Friday, July 4, 2008

Revealing Lingerie

If you enjoy wearing revealing lingerie then please read this article. Lingerie is defined as stylish and attractive women’s undergarments. Women wear revealing lingerie to arouse the man’s sexual desire and our men love to remove our sexy lingerie. Revealing lingerie is to be worn by sexy women of all sizes. The French explain lingerie as the clothing that men and women wear underneath their garments and are not to be seen by the public. In English, lingerie refers to female clothing that is intended to be seen as revealing or sexy.
In the past, to appear shapely, women chose lingerie that was hard and tightly laced or they chose undergarments for hygiene reasons. The lingerie was restraining, uncomfortable and reduced the size of the breast. The ideal female was the lady with the flat chest.
Through history, the female role has changed as well as the lingerie she wore. During World War I, women were no longer able to stay home. They had to join the working class and lingerie became that of a need for comfort and function. History shows that lingerie offers a recurring change between the attractive and boyish; to the extremely painful discomfort, to the functional, comfortable undergarment.
We are now given choices on what type of lingerie we want to adorn our body. It can be revealing lingerie, sexy lingerie, trashy lingerie, even non revealing lingerie. While men are asked to choose between boxers or briefs. Women have a panty catalog: the brief, the boy short, the crotchless panty, the bikini panty, the period panty, and the g-string or thong panty. Then there’s the bra or brassiere, which has different jobs for the breast. It can push up the breast, hide the breast and support the breast. There are many bra types: the push up bra, the water bra, the sports bra, the nursing bra, the wonder bra, the strapless bra, the miracle bra, the wireless bra, the mastectomy bra, the open bra, the sheer bra and the famous coned shaped bra!
We have come a long way from the large, awkward, granny panty! We have a decision to make when choosing lingerie and there is lingerie specific to the occasion. If you decide to wear revealing lingerie or not so revealing lingerie, there is lingerie for erotic women of all sizes. So enjoy being a female and wear revealing lingerie when you want to feel sexy and arouse your man’s sexual desire. Thanks for visiting my Revealing Lingerie site.

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