Monday, March 15, 2010

Keep Revealing It!

Last month, valentines day was celebrated with chocolate covered strawberries, little see thru nighties and a night of passion and love. We need to keep that passion alive! Men are visual beings and love to see "their" lady looking and smelling good. We need to take the time and get ready to go to bed. We are so busy with our everyday routine we forget to take the time to get ready for our man.

We prepare to go out into the public every morning. We brush our teeth, shower, apply makeup, do our hair and take our time to find something to wear. When we walk out of our door; we present our self to the public. We need to make sure we present our self to our men when we go to bed. I suggest putting the kids to bed 30 minutes before their normal time and get ready to go to bed. Take a shower, brush your teeth and slip into that sexy nightie that he will want to remove!

Please take a look at the slide show below for a few of the items from my Revealing Lingerie boutique. If somethings interest you, send me an email to place an order and the item will be shipped to you. Thanks for looking! I love living life revealed...

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