Friday, March 26, 2010

Revealing Sex Trivia

Sex has been around since the beginning and the good book of Genesis even gives us instruction, “Be fruitful and multiply.” So, it’s fair to say our sexual fetishes, sexual slang, and bizarre sexual customs have been around since the beginning. Following are a few facts on the one subject that never gets old…SEX!

Did you know…?

· Cleopatra owned one of the world’s first vibrators-a small container of buzzing bees.
· In Japanese the word for orgasm translates as “die and go to heaven.”
· Today, Japan leads the world in condom use. Like cosmetics, they're sold door to door, by women.
· The same chemical responsible for the ecstatic highs of love and sexual attraction, phenylethylamine, is also found in chocolate.
· A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the release of endorphins), so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex.
· The first nipple rings, called bosom rings, appeared in Victorian Europe in the 1890's. They became fashionable among woman who often wore them joined together by a small gold chain.
· "Sex is like a bridge game; if you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand." Anonymous
· Kinsey reported that sex reduces stress, and that people who have fulfilling sex lives are less anxious, less violent and less hostile.

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